Ticket fraud is to blame says French police

Ticket fraud is to blame says French police

France has denounced what it says is an “industrial-scale” ticket fraud in the Champions League final on Saturday, sparked by the police’s handling of the match. Ministers acknowledged difficulties managing the crowds at Parisian finales but said organised fraud was at the heart of the problems.

Liverpool supporters were seen waiting in massive lines, and French police subsequently used teargas against crowds. The treatment of fans was an “absolute shame,” said one Liverpool supporter. Tom Whitehurst noted that after being pepper-sprayed, he had to take his disabled son “out of the way”.

Amid a chorus of criticism from Britain, Frances sports ministry has met with the European soccer governing body, Uefa, Frances soccer association, stadium officials and police to “take lessons” from the incident.

Uefa has now commissioned an independent report on events surrounding the game. The French sports ministry has also commissioned a summary report in 10 days. Frances Interior and Sports Ministers were responsible for the chaos at fans holding counterfeit tickets and at local youths trying to gain entry into stadiums.

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